10 Special Things About Delhi’s Winters

Delhi’s winters can give chills down the spine and cozy vibes at the same time. Either you are a foodie or love to roam around nature or a party animal, Delhi has everything for everyone with an added flavor of cold weather which makes winter of this city unique.

There are many best places to visit in Delhi during winters but being a Delhite, I have experienced Delhi winters so closely and today I will share 10 things that make winters of Delhi one of its kind.

  1. Ice-Cream & Long Drive at India Gate
    Ice-cream at India Gate on a chilly night, gossiping around with friends or family and a long drive around India Gate is everything you need to reach the soul of Delhi. To add more to the fun night, grab some bhutta (sweet corn) and enjoy the scenic view of India Gate.
  2. Moongphali Vendors at Every Corner
    At every corner of every street, you will find at least one mooongphali vale bhaiya (vendor) and a long line in front of him. Moongphali, Gachak, Revadi are every Delhi household must have food in winters.
  3. Hot Cup of Chai with Samosa
    Only heaven could be better than Chai and Samosa of a nukkad tapri in the cold winter of Delhi. Nothing can beat the flavor and gossips you have over chai.
  4. Winter Holidays – With No Ending
    The most special thing about the winter holidays in Delhi is that they never end. Winter holidays start from Christmas and then Fog Gods bless Delhi students and keep extending holidays. Really a blessed time for students but not so much for parents.
  5. Street Food – Soul of Delhi
    The most special thing about Delhi is the mouthwatering street food it serves. No pub or restaurant can ever satisfy your taste buds like the street food of Delhi does. Delhi has amazing places where you can savor the taste of chole bhathure, chaat, samosa, kachori, momos, golgappe, and whatnot.
    Ahaahha!! Now I can’t wait to fill my stomach with all of them.
  6. Festive Winter Markets
    December and January are months of winter festivals. Delhi markets have the heart of Delhites because of their beauty with colorful lights and lots of stuff. You can roam around local markets and go WOW! at the decorations. Shop, click Instagram pictures, and slay your feed.
  7. Seasonal Food & Desert
    Gajarkahalwa, homemade pinni, sarso da saag, makki di roti, already made you hungry right? Winter homemade food of Delhi is the one to die for any time. Tie up in your blankets and savor the taste. Heaven!
  8. Delhi Nightlife – Party All Night!!
    On a cold night, under the stars and Rum! What else one needs to enjoy the night, right? Delhi has the perfect nightlife you can have with your friends.
    You can also have bonfires and barbeques over the terrace and spend quality time with your family.
  9. Picnic Time!!
    Wintertime is Picnic time. That’s the rule we Delhites made because we would kill for some sunlight. Winter is the best season to go out and picnic with your friends and family while soaking in nature. Delhi has wonderful places where you can have fun with your family.
  10. Driving Through Empty Winter Roads of Delhi
    Roads of Delhi are usually empty at night during winter and a long drive with your favorite music will give you the experience of your life. Although be careful with the foggy nights.

Winters in Delhi sound fun, right? Doesn’t matter you hate or love winters but definitely, you will fall in love with Delhi winters. If you have any specialty which I missed, do comment down and let us all know. Happy winters!

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