3 Simple Steps to Change your Life!

We all are always talking about changing our lives. We want more time, more pleasure, more organization and more fulfillment. No problem, right? Now, before you yell a resounding, “Yeah, right,” take a minute and hear me out. Maybe, just maybe, change isn’t so very hard to get to. I believe we can get where we want to go, it just takes a little thinking out of the box.

In order to think out of the box, we have to understand the box we are in. One of the boxes we put ourselves in is the Fast Change Box. You know the one. “I want to get organized.” Translation, “I want to completely overhaul the way I live my life in 3 days.” Or maybe you know this one. “I want to get fit.” Translation, “I want to lose 30 pounds in 4 weeks.” The Fast Change Box is a dangerous one. Because we can never meet the expectations we wish for. This leaves us stuck in a place far from where we want to be. What to do?

Get out of the Fast Change Box. Stop thinking with a dramatic change mindset. Instead, decide to break out of that box and start thinking Next Step Box. If you take any of the goals listed above and start focusing on the next step you need to take to meet your goal, you break out of the restraint of the Fast Change Box; you focus on the steps to success instead of a seemingly illusive goal.

Stepping the path. Now create some steps to get you there. Not giant leaps, like going to the gym 7 times a week. Instead, try walking for 10 minutes a day. What will leave you more fit; 2 weeks of exhaustive daily trips to the gym given up after a few tries or a 10 minute walk every day for a year? Stepping the path is easy when we have jumped out of the Fast Change Box. Just pick a path that will slowly take you where you want to go.

Don’t play the sabotage game. Instead, find support. Find the people and statements that keep you going. Don’t call the friend that brings you down when you talk about your goals. Call the person you can trust to lift you up. And that person inside your head that likes to beat you up? You know, the one that says things like, “You can’t do this.” “Everyone thinks this is a stupid goal.” “Why are you so incompetent?” Dump that nasty little voice in your head and replace it with kind and supportive words.

So you see, when we get out of the Fast Change Box, adjust our stride and agree to look for support and help, we can have all the changes we want.

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