Cigarette Smoking – Quit or don’t, the choice is yours

Many consider smoking one of the coolest things anyone can do, they think it’s the easiest way to relieve tension. Some smoke because they want to try it once, some smoke because they want to be stylish, some smoke because they think it is a sign of maturity i.e. grownup ness, and some start it just because they are attracted to it.

When people smoke, they experience themselves to be in a different world, they feel themselves happier and tension free. This feeling lures smokers and they don’t want to come back from the world they are inn. But those people who smoke should also consider the fact that smoking can harm their own health and also of those who come in contact with the cigarette-smoke that they leave. Today, it is a fact that more than 1,000,000 people fall prey to death because of smoking and smoking related illnesses.

People who start smoking just for fun or just to experience the difference, get addicted to smoking as tobacco contains elements such as nicotine which are addictive. Our body is very sensitive and it immediately responds to substances like nicotine. Once inhaled, our body responds in such a way that, we like the experience and slowly we become addict to it. The elements found in tobacco cause cancers of various types such as lung cancer, it also causes stroke, heart attack, respiratory diseases etc. Study has proved that pregnant women who are addicted to smoking are responsible to the deteriorated health of their unborn baby; in many cases it even becomes very hard to save the infants.

Smoking harms those at a greater extent who come in contact with smoke that cigarette smoker leave out, it is called “PASSIVE SMOKING”. Because of Passive Smoking, people may experience chronic health problems such bronchitis and pneumonia. Passive Smoking can worsen the condition of those people who are already suffering from respiratory or chronic diseases such as asthma. Normally, family members, co-workers and children are major victims of Passive Smoking.

Cigarette-smoking doesn’t only deteriorate smoker’s health; it also causes mental/psychological problems in them. People who smoke become more and more impatient and they loose their temper very easily. As the time passes, dependency of the person increases if he/she is addict to smoking. People who are addict to smoking if do not get a cigarette, they feel uncomfortable, and they crave for more cigarettes. Without a cigarette they feel like they are in a cage and are suffering from suffocation, besides irritability, impatience, anxiety etc. are some symptoms they experience.

To start smoking is a decision taken by individual, but take care that it should not harm anyone else. If you want to smoke, there is no one who can stop you, but you should be careful not to let the smoke cause others Passive Smoking. Some people smoke continuously, they smoke more than 8 cigarettes per day and are called chain-smokers. People who smoke one or two cigarettes are at lower risk of contracting cancer and other health problems caused from cigarette smoking, than those who are chain-smokers. So, you should consider smoking one or two cigarettes a day rather than seven to eight.

Quitting cigarette smoking is really very hard, but it is never impossible. People who think that they should not die a painful death, suffering every moment, and do not want others to suffer because of their smoking, can make their mind to quit cigarette. And once they decide to quit cigarette, it becomes very easy to bring the level of smoking from 7-8 cigarettes per day to 1 cigarette per day. It is never easy to quit smoking all of a sudden; people who want to quit smoking should start cutting their cigarette consumption at least by one cigarette per four to five days. During this period, patience and self-control are the most important factors that help in overcoming the desire of smoking.

It is wholly up to you to choose the way you want to leave your life, but it is always better to play safe. People first try to enjoy their lives the way they think they can, and then they spend rest of their lives in fighting with the outcomes of the lifestyle they lived. If you do not want to leave cigarette smoking, at least you can try not to become addict to it, instead you can consider smoking only one or two cigarettes a day. The choice is yours.

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