How to Attract Beautiful Women to Yourself

If you find that you are not able to speak to that woman or girl of your dream, don’t think that you are the only one in that situation. A lot of people find it very difficult to initiate a relationship, and this is not a simple matter for them.

A friend of mine fell in love with a girl and this girl never knew because my buddy could not summon courage to tell her about his feelings. On several occasions my buddy, after discussing at length with me, will follow my advice and head over to the girl’s apartment only to disappoint himself with anxiety and low self esteem.

One day he begged me to help him speak to the girl. I was surprised that he could stoop so low to make such a demand of me. However, I obliged him and one evening the both of us strolled towards the babe’s apartment hoping to run into her, but we did not.

I walked up her driveway while Dave waited, hands in his pocket, by the side walk. At the door, she opened at my first knock and her face smiled at me in wonder. “Hello,” she said, “how may I help you, Michael”? “Hi, evening”, I returned. “Dave would like to have a word with you.” This was what I decided to say. No way was I going to tell this girl, “Dave says he loves you and would like you to be his date, bla bla bla.”

The girl, looked at me, and said, “Does that mean that Dave isn’t man enough to come for me personally?” “No, don’t take it that way, he loves you so much, talks about you all the time, look at him out there waiting for you, he was not sure how you would receive him is why he did not come personally”, I said to her.

“Well”, said the girl, I am not interested in a guy who is not sure of himself. If Dave loves me he should come for me personally. “Tell him that, and good night, Michael”. I felt very sorry for myself and sorrier for Dave, my buddy, who could not walk up to and toast a girl of his dream.

I walked back to Dave and told him what the girl said. “Oh Michael, I don’t know what is wrong with me. Whenever I see her I feel some form of fear, I even feel my palm moist. What should I do?” Dave asked me rhetorically. It was then I remembered the blog I found online the other day with the header: “How To Attract Beautiful Women to Yourself”, so I told Dave about it and he hurried me home to go read the blog.

Well, to cut a long story short, Dave and Stacy have been dating for six months now, and it was Stacy who sort Dave out and drove away his shyness with her warmth and love. They are planning on announcing their engagement soon.

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