How to Understand Stress Feelings and Deal with Them

Why are stress feelings encoded?

Why would Nature choose to transmit information encoded in neural impulses? Several possible reasons become clear among Nature’s mysteries. Neural impulses present themselves to you as physical sensations and subjective feelings, which are in a code of sentience. This is a universal language, which needs to be decoded. When you think about it, Nature cannot practically communicate with each of us verbally, so information is transmitted about internal and external conditions in a universal encoded way.

Whether you are in any place of world , Nature uses one method. Nature communicates via feelings, which concomitantly happen to maintain confidentiality for your privacy and protection. Similarly, your thoughts are not audible or public. Under ordinary circumstances, you have the capability to decode what your feelings mean in your own private way.

They can be decoded by you in the privacy of your own mind or with special others of your choosing. Nature attempts to preserve your privacy. Nature leaves the discretion and executive control with you, as to what you choose to disclose and when you choose to do it.

What is the stress feeling trying to tell you?

How exactly does the process of decoding a stress feeling work? How do you make an encrypted unknown intelligible? The process involves accurately identifying what you are experiencing. Is it fear, anger or worry?

The feeling that you are experiencing is an outcome, a result of an unknown something. And so you are faced with an “inverse problem,” such as the classic puzzle of looking at the face of a clock and having to imagine why the hands move. You are experiencing a result without necessarily having a known cause for it. You have a feeling of stress and are confused about what is causing your stress. The first thing you need to find is the correct identity of the stressor. Your feelings evoked by the stressor will help you identify the stressor.

Your retrieval system

The first purpose of the decoding process is to identify the stressor. At the beginning of the decoding process, don’t rush the answers and jeopardize accuracy. If your conscious mind cannot immediately come up with the answer that leads to identification of the stressor, allow your conscious mind to inquire of your unconscious mind. This inquiry activates your brain’s retrieval system.

In The Percept Method, the term retrieval system refers to a process of inquiry and questioning. Your conscious mind can engage the vast energies of your unconscious mind to help you seek an answer by asking questions. It might be helpful to keep a journal to log in the various responses, thoughts, and answers that are sent back to you from your inquiry.

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